How can Group Admin add LDAP user to group?

Exist any way how can Group Admin add LDAP users to their group?


I’d be interested as well. At the moment a Group Admin can’t look up LDAP users in order to add them to a (non-LDAP) group. So the group admin feature is useless for us at the moment.

This works as designed: either you get user data from LDAP and modify your groups there, or you do it locally. A blend will not work.


actually adding LDAP users to local groups is working pretty well. The only problem is that the users aren’t visible in the administration interface of the group admin.

If you’re the system administrator of NC then you can do it and it works.

Don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work as group admin.


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Is there anything new about this - seems to be issue still. Group admin function seems useless now with LDAP and would be great to get it working.

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some news about this thread ?