Hover and NextCloud

This issue is mainly my stupidity, I have a hover domain, and I have a nextcloud that works and is fantastic, I want to attach the two, I am using Ubuntu sever, my domain is a trusted domain, I installed lets-encrypt on it through Nextcloud with no problem, but when I go to my domain, It can’t be reached. Help please, my domain is registered through hover and I think the issue comes somewhere from the IP I’m using in the A record. I can access my cloud locally.

What is a hover domain? Is it a dynamic DNS provider?

You want to access your domain over the Internet?

What IP address you’re talking about? Is it dynamically assigned? Which inbound tcp ports have you opened on your router?

Please be MORE PRECISE and describe IN DETAIL how your network and internet connection is looking like!

Hover is the domain registrar I used to buy my domain

Ports 80 and 443 are open

The IP is External and I don’t know if it’s dynamic or static.

It is easy to buy a domain, but without the right service behind it isn’t guaranteed that you can use it at all.

  • In which country are you living, Germany?
  • What internet provider are you using?
  • Which IP address is displayed of you open the following website?https://www.whatsmyip.org/
  • Am I right that you want to access Nextcloud over the Internet which is hosted on your LAN?

If you have domain the name of the domain or the name of a subdomain looks to an ip address.

nslookup domain

Is there your nextcloud?
If not you must change the DNS-entry.
A-Record for domain and CNAME for subdomains.

If your nextcloud is at home behind a router (nat) you must perhaps use forwarding an an dyndns-service.

Please post more details.

When I use nslookup domain I get


** server can’t find domain: SERVFAIL

I’m living in the USA, I have comcast, I can’t use that website since I am using ubuntu server and don’t have a gui

Ok. Based on the following information all Comcast routers are getting a dynamic ip address assigned. So you need to use a DynDNS provider to get a static domain name assigned to your address, otherwise you won’t be able to access your router over the Internet.

Do you have any recommendations on a service to do this or a guide?

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