Hi nextclouders,

I’ve used wyffy (sister of owncube) as my owncloud / nextcloud provider for 1 year, but service is bad, they don’t update their installation regularly, and in general didn’t had a nice experience.

I’m looking for another 30€ / year or less nextcloud hosting and I’ve found
Anybody has an opinion on their service? They at least declare they update installations “Yes, we do for free update of NextCloud and any default or third-party plugins.”


Hi Diegor,

I’ve used owncube myself and must say I’ve ran into the same issues. It didn’t feel secure for me running on their platform. Also, I’ve not had much responsiveness from their support desk.

So currently I am using the hostiso solution and an pleasantly surprised. The servicedesk is really quick to answer, the price is low and you get a lot of administrative rights for maintaining your own nextcloud instance.

I’m happy with their service.

@Neso you could help @diegor

@diegor We use also their services, they are great, support, software etc.

Setup, upgrading, app install is done from their side for free.

They also offer collabora for free. You also get free SSL, cPanel, backups etc.

They also have 60 days refund option

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Thanks everybody for the replies and the help provided.

I see also good online opinions about hostiso, so I’m conviced.

Thanks again!

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We just signed up for Hostiso and, while their service is fantastic, the speeds that we get from our offices are very, very slow. We’ve tried (and run tracert) from our three different office locations and it doesn’t seem to be on our end.

I have been a Hostiso customer for about 2 weeks now and so far, somewhat to very disappointed with the company’s service.


  • 10 users
  • 35GB total

Service Purchased (taken from their website)
“Cloud premium”

  • Unlimited data transfer, apps, users…
  • Fully managed & supported by Hostiso

Setup process;

  • Setup was generally easy, standard Nextcloud instance

In the first couple of days, there were 2 instances when their servers were down. I had to notify them of the issue, seemed like insufficient monitoring in place to proactively detect and resolve.

Initial Synch:
The most strenuous part of the process is the initial synch.

  • The Hostiso servers seemed insufficiently provisioned for multiple users to snyc at the same time and the admin console was spiking at major CPU use
  • Contacted support multiple times. Found that they were replying with only a few word answers and would not explain the issues they were seeing and how to resolve either on their end or ours.
  • They said the issue was resolved without explaining; seems that they increased CPU resources for our instance
  • Company also tried to push us to switch to a more expensive dedicated server

Ongoing Use:

  • After all users were synched, a day later the server was completely down
  • Contacted support and again got short answers “you used up all memory” (unlimited account?)
  • Asked to have a phone call to understand what’s actually in our service and how to mitigate these issues, received following message: “Sorry we do not do that, there are some limits and by checking your account you use really huge amount of RAM, how much users, visitors you have?”.


  • From my experience, Hostiso’s Cloud premium service is not capable of supporting a small organization due to the lack of resources and any kind of reasonable support.
  • Company has the opportunity to greatly improve its offering by
  1. Better definition of what is and not included in the service offering
  2. better monitoring of their servers to ensure higher levels of uptime
  3. better communication with customers; willingness to explain what’s going on behind the scenes so customers can manage their users better and feel more comfortable with the quality of the service provided.

do you try :
they have servers in europe (france, netherlands and spain) and north america east coast

nextcloud is up to date. performances are good : small instance for few people (dedicated nextcloud if you need at least 250 Go, dedicated server if you need at least 1 To) !

support is good : speed and quality answers !!
just have a try !!!

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I’m also experiencing really slow Nextcloud speeds, to the point of unusability, a year after these comments.

Pity, otherwise I really like their service.

I am running an instance @ openitstore as well and the price is reasonable.
No complaints - but with 2.5 users we are not putting a lot of stress on the instance. Works well for us though.

I was pretty happy until recently, but now I’ve learned that they have removed the whole sharing feature which allows you to share read-only links with outsiders. Apparently it was because of abuse, but they didn’t give me any details.

If you don’t need to share links, then I can recommend them, but I will probably look elsewhere now, as I use links a lot.

I had been with them a few years ago but left because of poor performance, but returned about a year ago. The performance woes persisted though, probably 5-6 times a week theres connection issues of one sort of an other but I stuck with them because they were cheap.

However tonight discovered all public links are now disabled, but also they have removed a lot of features such as note synchronisation for qown notes for “free users”. I was on a free account but was paying a monthly fee for extra storage

Im not sure how if you are paying a monthly fee for extra storage you can be considered on a “free service” but there you go. Note synchronisation removed, document sharing removed.

And honestly, customer service were just matter of fact to the point of rude. no apology, no details on how to maybe upgrade to a paid service (which I would have considered) or anything.

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racist employeess just told me they wont deal with me because i am black

Consider … - from free to business packages:

  • FREE 3 GB with large amount of free apps, onlyoffice, task, notes, gallery, audio.
  • Basic Cloud from 4$ for 100GB, extra GB is only 0.02$ per GB, up to 5 TB, full install, admin panel, cPanel, email, ssl, and much more, fully managed and supported.
  • VPS and dedicated solutions , fully managed and supported.
  • Locations : Canada, Singapore, Germany, France, USA
  • Extra for FREE : SSL, support, upgrades, migration and more …

Ive used hostiso which migrated my files over to cloudamo (must be their partner company) and they lost all my files and keep deleting any tickets. Would not recommend cloudamo or hostiso, as others have pointed they are pretty much a scam at this point