Hosting providers that don't force you to add storage space to your

I have a low budget VPS that runs Nextcloud and I’m using it mostly for specific Nextcloud apps such as News, GpxPod and PhoneTrack, while the “Files app” is almost unused. I’m currently having technical issues with it so I’m looking into hosted alternatives.

The apps I mentioned are not available by default by the Nextcloud providers I checked, for as far as I can see. Hence I assume I’ll need to choose a provider and pay for a business plan or alike. I’m having trouble finding a suitable provider because I don’t want to pay for additional storage - I’m totally fine with 1-2 GB of storage so I wish I could pay only for admin access and nothing more then that.

Is there a provider that offers such plans? Help will be appreciated :pray:.

Do you NEED admin access or do you just need those apps installed?

I guess I’d get along with no admin access if these apps are already installed. The most important of which is “News”, I can pass on GpxPod and PhoneTrack if only they are not included.

Re-consider running your own instance on a Pi 4 or similar with NextcloudPi. That is by far the easiest solution when you are maintaining a bunch of custom apps.