Hosting provider for non-profit / kindergarten in Germany (GDPR compliant)


I’m looking for a provider in Germany for a kindergarten. They need a managed Nextcloud and a managed website plus email. GDPR compliance is really important.

Thanks for any recommendations!


What’s the availability of on-site technical support like? Does Nextcloud need to be reachable outside the organisation, or is local access and then sync using Wi-Fi acceptable?

Is there any personal information contained on the website?

Hallo Daniel,

melde dich bei uns. Ich denke wir können Dir ein gutes Angebot unterbreiten.

Unser Nextcloud ist full managed. Ihr müsst euch um nichts kümmern, wir machen Backups, Updates und kümmern uns das alles läuft.

Beste Grüße
JABA e.K. Kundendienst


Hi Daniel,

please contact us. I think we can make you a good offer.

Our Nextcloud is fully managed. You need to worry about anything, we do backups, updates and take care of everything.

Best regards,
JABA e.K. Customer Service

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hey jaba,

as this is an intl forum and as the first posting was in english it would be nice if you would answer in english as well, though it’s clear that daniel would understand german.

it’s just a matter of politeness, i think.

thank you for your understanding.

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I am sorry! I think it is ok now?

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Hi Daniel,

i can recommend We are using their service for websites with WordPress and also their 6GB free Nextcloud Package. They have a good and friendly support and service too. We have good experience.

Best regards,