Hope to add anonymous login feature

I’m currently managing a software distribution FTP server with some of my collegues, and we often update some softwares on it. I want to replace it with nextcloud which is easier to manage and use, but I cannot create an anonymous account on it just like the old FTP server. I want others to share a SINGLE anonymous account with NO PASSWORD to access a specific folder and get the resouces they need rather than creating a lot of sharing links and guest accounts and send them out one by one. Hope this feature can be added!!! That will be very helpful.

I think Nextcloud already has the option to do what you describe: you create a permanent share link to your folder, and you send that one link to everyone. No guest accounts, no additional links, no passwords required. You make a change in that folder, and everyone is able to grab the latest contents using the same link they had before you updated it.

Thank you for your reply! The function you described really works well.

However, if I want to share a folder to others, I still have to tell them the sharing link and they have to save that link in some way, for the sharing link is difficult to remember.

If everyone can login as a guest at the web login panel (such as adding a Guest Login button below), they will no longer need to save that long link everywhere. And once I need to change the sharing content (like sharing another folder), I can just send them a short notification instead of a new sharing link.

It’s highly irregular to ask for a plainly visible share with absolutely no security or obfuscation. A public share link is probably the closest you’ll find to that in Nextcloud. You still have to send them the URL even if it isn’t a share link. It’’s not that much trouble for them to bookmark it.

It sounds like maybe what you need is a plain old HTTP server with a file index.

Another thing you could do is use an Apache rewrite rule to forward a URL to the actual share link, which you could update on your end as needed.

Thanks for your solution! It’s a really good idea to combine Apache rewrite function with sharing link. I think the problem is now absolutely solved!!! :slight_smile:

You do not need to use Apache to rewrite share Names, simply use App for this → ShareRenamer. You can create something like: https://FQDN/index.php/s/SharedFiles. If you still would like to have it more shorter, than yes, add Apache redirect or rewrite rule.

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I also think that Sharerenamer is a cool app. Apache2 rewrite is not so easy in the Nextcloud folder because Nextcloud uses rewrite, too.

For all of my bookmarks (url shortener) i use a php script outside Nextcloud folder combined with mod-rewrite, a text file of all my url-rewritename-combinations and 301-redirect. Works fine for me.