Homework Hand-In through Nextcloud


I currently work together with a small school to use Nextcloud to help digitalise the whole school process and to be prepared when the second wave really hits.

And Nextcloud has been working great for us.

But we had one problem, handing in homework. And I was wondering if anyone maybe has an idea or a solution to help us.

The problem is that when students upload their homework into a shared folder then every student can see everyone’s homework. This of course is not ideal. So what we did is the students just share their homework with the teacher. But this resulted in the teachers “Home-screen” being crowded with homework from all the classes they teach, which is really confusing for them.

I’d appreciate any help.
I hope that I am in the right category here. Is there maybe an app that helps with this?

On a Nextcloud 20 instance I’m running there’s a file drop feature that seems like it would do what you want. Here’s a screenshot showing you what to look for: https://i.imgur.com/b157NWi.png

Here’s a writeup from our friends at Nextcloud Gmbh: https://nextcloud.com/file-drop/

I don’t know when this feature was added or how the UI for it may have changed over time hence why I’m letting you know what version my screenshot is from.