Home folder for each user on external storage

Hey there.

I have configured External Storage via Amazon S3 from Gui .
This folder is shared along all users.

My question is:
If I can configure external storage in such way that, all users will have own home folder in external storage and if they upload files to their folder, files will be visible only for them and they will have ability to share files afterwards.

I know that I can configure external storage as primary storage, but I don’t want to do it because of AD user synchronization speed.
Thank you in advance.

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Anyone? :hugs:


if you´re using Linux i would mount the Amazon S3 using rclone (https://rclone.org/)
Then you can create one directory each user in your mounted amazonDrive.

After this you can add the directorys as “local storage” and link one user per directory. (webui)
in the webui u also can enable the sharing option for each directory

…with rclone cache you can try to use your external storage als primary storage with “/”. With the correct caching it could work pretty well.

Thanks for you answer.
Yea this might work, but I still prefer to use nextcloud native S3 app.


Still not clear from documentation how to set up a home folder for NC user. I would like to:

  • have home folder for user on S3 storage
  • grant access to this folder to supervisors/other users/groups

Just would like to know if this is possible or not.

Thank you!