Hold Voice Message button

I’ve been waiting for so long that I finally no longer have to hold down the Voice Message Button. I would like to only use Nextcloud Talk but that is not possible for me. PLEASE PLEASE add it, it works on Android too.


1 month later, no update, Nice ignorance :roll_eyes::smirk::unamused:

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1 year old :roll_eyes: verry sad and i think its not so hard to add it.

we don’t know why it’s not implemented right now. But you seem to know that it’s “not so hard” adding this feature… so you seem to be a skilled and experienced developer.
It would be great and corresponding to the idea of open source if you’d go there, offering your help (regardless of if you really are skilled and/or experienced). Seemingly they are waiting for your help.

Sorry but i THINK you have to better read my post. I dont say : „its no problem to implement“. I say: „ i THINK its no hard work“

I will no disrespect your work its good work. I love nextcloud and dont understand me wrong.

What i just wanted to say is that its implement in android and why not in ios?!

because iOS is a completely different thing. It’s more or less closed source and pretty bad documented. There are several things that are impossible to implement because Apple goes it’s own way and doesn’t tell anyone anything.
So it might be more complicate than you expect it to be.

Nevertheless: Devs are happy about every helping hand. Really! Why not trying your luck?