High traffic to primary storage (S3) from nextcloud

Hello everyone,

I am using nextcloud with a s3-like storage (wasabi) as primary storage and I am wondering about the high download-traffic as there are only a few uploads a day. The bucket is only used by nextcloud (and via nextcloud). Between the storage and nextcloud is minio running on the same server like nextcloud for encryption.

Here are the stats for a period of 16days after initial synchronization:
Download-Traffic from s3 per Day: 160-175gb
Upload-Traffic to s3 per Day: <0.5gb
Storage amount: ~35gb
Users: 2 (2x android, 1x win)
Usage: Only a view files are accessed per day, calendar + contact sync. Traffic to the clients should be lower than a gb.

Setup info with versions

Nextcloud version: 18.0.4
Operating system and version: docker image nextcloud:18.0.4-apache on Ubuntu 18.04.4 lts
Apache or nginx version: Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
PHP version: PHP 7.3.17
NC-Apps: [“accessibility: 1.4.0”, “activity: 2.11.0”, “apporder: 0.10.0”, “calendar: 2.0.3”, “systemtags: 1.8.0”, “comments: 1.8.0”, “contacts: 3.3.0”, “files_trashbin: 1.8.0”, “files_sharing: 1.10.1”, “firstrunwizard: 2.7.0”, “logreader: 2.3.0”, “serverinfo: 1.8.0”, “nextcloud_announcements: 1.7.0”, “notes: 3.4.0”, “notifications: 2.6.0”, “files_pdfviewer: 1.7.0”, “password_policy: 1.8.0”, “privacy: 1.2.0”, “ransomware_protection: 1.6.1”, “recommendations: 0.6.0”, “files_retention: 1.7.0”, “files_rightclick: 0.15.2”, “sharebymail: 1.8.0”, “support: 1.1.0”, “text: 2.0.0”, “theming: 1.9.0”, “twofactor_totp: 4.1.3”, “updatenotification: 1.8.0”, “survey_client: 1.6.0”, “files_versions: 1.11.0”, “files_videoplayer: 1.7.0”]

Would be nice, if some can give me hint, why there is that amount of traffic and how I can lower it.

Thanks, Thomas

Maybe something like this:

Thanks for your response, but unfortunately I could not find a similar option for primary storage. In difference to this topic I am using s3 as primary storage not as external storage.

It was worth the try. :slight_smile:

I also tried it with all Apps disabled, but the problem is still there.

Any hints?

Is your Database on the S3 storage? That might impact bandwidth if highly accessed files are not cached between opens.

No, the database is separate. It’s just the nextcloud itself and the upload files, which are stored on s3.