Hierarchical notes with CherryTree file support (.ctb extension)

Hello to everybody :slight_smile:

I’ve started developing an app for viewing and editing CherryTree files (.ctb extension).
It is desktop hierarchical notes tool (you can google it, because I as new user can add only 2 links in this post). Anyone interested in this idea?

Here is demo, how pre-alpha version of my app already works: http://cloud.aldem.ru/index.php/apps/fractalnote?f=/demo.ctb
And source code: https://github.com/alboro/fractalnote

For now app is not so convienient, but if someone is curious to test and give some feedback, that would be great.


why not adding another posting with the link? just like i am doing now?? :wink:


you are right, thanks!

I have renamed app, these are new links:
Source code: https://github.com/alboro/fractalnote

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I am both a Cherrytree user and a Nextcloud user, so I am definitely, very interested :smile:
Is there a way to install your app on another Nextcloud instance?
Thank you, and all the best for you and this app!

Of cource, follow the installation instructions in readme file.


CherryTree is one of my preferred applications for desktop, and it’s nice to know there is an initiative for web as well. I would like to try it, however I need to know whether there is an appropriate way to login and to have access to the web site.