Hiding IP adresse of my Nextcloud Sever (Alternative to Cloudflare due to Upload Limit - Reverse Proxy Provider?)


I want to use a nextcloud for community storage hosting. An prerequisite to do so is to hide the IP of the server running nextcloud. Maybe via a reverse proxy or another solution. Currently I use cloudflare which restricts file uploads to 100 MB. My community uploads files of about 1-4 GB. Chunking files might be a solution but I am not sure if this will work with the pc app and the mobile app.

I am willing to pay for a provider. I am not sure which part of the cloudflare server exactly is responsible for the 100 MB Upload limit. Is it the CDN feature? I was already looking for CDN providers like BunnyCDN but I am not sure if understand if they are the solution to my problem. Also, I am unsure which of the security feature of Cloudflare I might lose if I switch to bunnyCDN or belugacdn.

You can use cloudflare for free :slight_smile:

But I cannot upload files larger than 100 MB using Cloudflare…

Don’t know about upload limits. It might be true. I know their reverse proxy doesn’t cache files larger than 500MB.