Hide or unshare tasks lists from colleague

Hello !

I try to use Tasks app.
I run into this problem : we share calendars with colleagues to see each other agenda. It’s very nice because we can hide each other agenda and click on it when we want to see if someone is available.

But, it creates automatically a task list*. And in the Task app, we can click on each other tasks list or hide them, so we have a looot of lists, make the app unusable.

Unsharing is impossible, it throws an Error : “impossible to unshare agenda”.

Could it be possible to hide these lists or unshare them ?

Also, it would be helpful to sort theses lists.

Thanks in advance for your advices !


*Edit : i realise with this post that i should not create automatically a list, and I don’t think people choose “Create agenda with list” at the first place, maybe it’s because our instance is old and it works differently back then ? In all cases, we can’t see and change agenda parameters (tasks list or not tasks list)

This is the following issue: Can not delete group shared calendars (and addressbooks I guess) · Issue #1653 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Changing the supported list of components (VEVENT, VTODO) for a calendar is not supported by the CalDAV spec, but you can fiddle in the database by changing the entry in oc_calendars for the components column from VEVENT,VTODO to just VEVENT.

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Hi! For the task list issue, try organizing manually or exploring calendar settings. If unsharing causes errors, contact support. Consider updating your instance for potential fixes.

Thanks for your answers.
Indeed i can organise manually the lists.

I will hope that #1653 issue will be solved one day :slight_smile:

And, i bring an idea, maybe some people already have : in ordier to handle long lists of calendars and lists, it would be great to have some kind of menu where you can put your calendar/lists and expand or not the menu ?