Hide file listing option removed?

I cannot find this for the life of me. I know it used to be there and now I don’t have the option to hide file listing when sharing a folder for public uploads.
My goal is to have a public upload folder where people can drop documents and not be able to see the contents afterwards, edit or remove them. Thanks

The option is no longer available on my instance on nextcloud 11.0.2

The function has been renamed to “File drop (upload only)”.

But when they upload a document, they can see it and delete it. If I uncheck “can edit”, then they can’t upload to the folder.

They can only see it during that session, and if they made a mistake remove it and upload a new version. But if they close the window and reopen the link, it will be empty.

In my testing if they closed the window and went back in it would still be there for them to see. And not only can they see it, but anyone else I shared the link with can see it too.