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today i upgraded my nextcloud server. Now the following message are shown:

“This community release of nextcloud is unsupported and instant notifications are unavailable.”

How can i disable this warning? This message is really annoying.

Best regards.

Hi @fettfoen

Can you be more specific? Where exactley do you get this message? How and where did you install your Nextcloud?

If I had to guess I would say the message is coming from a 3rd party app. I do not get such warnings on my server.

This message is shown on the login page:


and in the user profile:


Guess this message occurs cause my server has over 5000 user?

I found this:


starting at line 313:

// TODO Remove time check after 1st March 2022
			$isFairUse = $this->timeFactory->getTime() < 1646089200
				|| $this->subscription->delegateHasValidSubscription()
				|| $this->userManager->countSeenUsers() < 5000;

I have increased the “countSeenUsers” value. The message is gone. But this was a little bit insidious.

best regards

What kind of push notification are these? Why do they go through Nextcloud’s (the company’s) servers?

Error in English/German (i10n):
server/de.json at master · nextcloud/server · GitHub

“This community release of Nextcloud is unsupported and instant notifications are unavailable.” : “Diese Community-Version von Nextcloud wird nicht unterstützt und sofortige Benachrichtigungen sind nicht verfügbar.”,

Line 365 in core/Controller/LoginController.php

		$loginMessages = $this->session->get('loginMessages');
		if (!$this->manager->isFairUseOfFreePushService()) {
			if (!is_array($loginMessages)) {
				$loginMessages = [[], []];
			$loginMessages[1][] = $this->l10n->t('This community release of Nextcloud is unsupported and instant notifications are unavailable.');


Perhaps you can change the code or the translation.

What is: isFairUseOfFreePushService ?
Perhaps here is the problem.

Not sure if these are just update notifications and stuff like that or if that could also be federated shared stuff.

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