Hide bubble showing email address

Hi everybody:
Nextcloud version: 19.0.3
Server: Ubuntu 20.02 LTS
We are using the server to share information among some customers.
App “Activity” shows all the activity ocurred in a folder and the users involved.
We like that but when we push on the user’s picture, nextcloud shows the email address into a bubble.
The same when we see the comments. There appears the user’s picture and the email address when we push on it.
We don’t wish it.
Is there any way for hiding the bubble or showing another information . We don’t care to change the code or to modify database.
We have tried to change , into the database, oc_accounts, the scope of the email address from contacts to private, without success.

Thanks in advance


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This would be interesting for me, too.

I think it was the right way to crate an issue

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