Hide avatar column


Is it possible to hide/disable or change the way the current behaviour of user avatars (shared by column in a any file/folder view behaves? Specifically, I created a list of folders and shared company wide with all of our departments/people. Now my face is plastered everywhere, I mean thousands and thousands of folders/files show my face :smiley: More interestingly, even if my colleagues create new folders/files, still they get my glorious face on their documents (Shared by column).

We would really like to change this behaviour and while I like it, my colleagues will surely kill me shortly.

I’ve thought about hacking my way through the CSS code and disabling the “avatar” class but this will affect other parts of nextcloud and its/third-party apps as well.

Any ideas on this? Am I creating the folders wrong here, should I have used a “system” account (is there even such a thing)?


Using the custom css app here is what I ended up doing.

#fileList a.action.action-share.shared-style {
display: none;

I think you should have used group folders for that usecase…

I felt something was awry. Ill take a look at that and that you for point me a direction.

That did it. It is what I was looking for.