Hidden readme file?

Hi there,

I’ve got a really simple question that I wasn’t able to get an answer after looking around, is it possible to change the name of the default file Readme.md that is displayed on top of the page to something else, for example .Readme.md so that it’s hidden?

I have one of those free Nextcloud account in a random provider just to test the software, my goal is to have something dead simple where all students can get information regarding their classes in college, and it’s going to me managed by me if the idea is accepted, since I’m new to Nextcloud any additional information is greatly apreciated.
Also I think I have one of those shared Nextclouds account, as I can’t seem to find the advanced settings where I would manage plugins/themes/etc. but if all goes well I might have one of those. Hosting on my own hardware when it’s something as important as this it’s out of the picture.

No its not possible, i mean it is, but then it doesnt display in top anymore.

Damn that would be a neat feature, it would work the same has the .github folder on github. Should I suggest that feature on their github or do they have somewhere else to do so to avoid confusion?

You can try, but i guess they already thought about that, the feature is relatively new, i guess iit is not yet finnished

+1 for this; it would be nice to have an admin only edited readme.me but visible by visitors. The dotfile naming is a decent convention suggestion

Hey, maybe you could try this app: