Hi, seeking guidance for Nextcloud Docker deployment

Hi, I’m running Debian Stretch (Stable) with Docker. I’ve added Nextcloud container to my multi-core 8gb ram server, but am unclear on how to add Postgresql external database via Docker.

  • Is postgresql a different Docker container that is linked to Nextcloud? I realize I can just install it via apt, but want to understand how this can work via docker containers.
  • I choose the apache container, but why would I use the fpm container instead?

I’d love to expand my system with LibreOffice, but see that requires additional steps that I’m also unclear on…

I’d like to add external access to this self-hosted setup and hear a reverse proxy is the way to go, but am unclear on steps needed for that. I see mention of using apache, nginx or traefik for a reverse proxy and am told that the reverse proxy should be run on a separate machine for security…?

  • Are memcaching and Redis important for improving system performance?

you can find different setups in the compose files

or here

yes. or no. but better yes. if you choose docker use it for everything.

if you want to use nginx as a webserver or run the web server on a different machine. (loadbalancing).

in my playbook this is work in progress. sorry.

more or less what is done in my other playbook.

if you want to run them it’s best to test them in a virtual machine before. (e.g. virtualbox, aws, azure, digital ocean, scaleways,etc. pp.)

if you have a normal home router you want it to forward ip packages to port 80&443 to your nextcloud box. that’s all you need to access the box from outside.
to set up something for security is always a good idea.

memcaching and Redis are important if you have a lot of traffic on your server. family servers are ok without. on the other hand when you run a 8gb machine use them. :wink: