Hetzner data portability

I have been researching Nextcloud for a while now. Finally chose a stable (paid) provider and am ready to migrate my files, trello-boards, contacts, vcalendar etc to my new Hetzner Storageshare account.

I did, however first asked Hetzner support about data-portability (maybe I want to move to my own server - in due time-, or a server a bit closer to home idf needed).

But they responded they couldn’t provide an export of apps (and presumably app-data) and database.

Will this become a problem? Plain data-files can be synced. Contacts exported. Calander probably likewise…

Deck looks like a pain in the *** to migrate to from Trello (by hand…). So if getting data out is the same hassle…I’d better stick to Trello for now?

For what other data/apps should I be cautious?

Configuration backup and a backup of the user accounts would also be very much appreciated as it saves a day fiddling around after migration. Is that possible?

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The problem of a managed nextcloud could be an export of the database in the future. I think there must be an export of the database possible.

Perhaps it is better to buy a vps. Then you can export the datase. But you must manage it on your own with updates and upgrades. Also you can make a contract with your nextcloud hoster. I think good hoster makes it possible.

Example for correct hosting in co.uk. Hoster not tested from me.

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Hey Mapelman,

I’m using a root-Server from Netcup with a SSH-Access on it.
In our Company we have also dedicated Servers and virtual Maschines with SSH-Access to administrate also Nextcloud.

I recommend to choose a root-server with a ssh-access. On it you can backup your database, files etc. I also recommend to choose an external storage to save these backups etc.

For security reasons you can take a sftp-client (filezille) to sync your own files with this remote-server.

We had also Trello to organize our daily doing but now we change it to openproject. This one you can also host for yourself on a root-server with mysql or postgresql database.
I don’t know exactly if trello supports a export (I don’t think so) but on the other hand you can create new task in your new project-manager (e.g. projectmanager)

Thanks for the answers, but not quite what I was looking for.

VPS is for portability probably the better option; but i have already many things to worry about…a managed nextcloud server would be very welcome…

Hetzner seemed very popular on this board, so I was wondering if anyone had experience with data portability. What’s the catch? Just the database, or more? Are there workarouds?

It depends a bit how it is installed, the problem is even if there would be some export tool, it’s not sure if they will install it. Depends also if they have separate instances (where everything would be easier) or large shared once where you have to be much more careful to properly separate the accounts.

On the apps you can check if they support an API or export tool, not sure about how far advances this is on deck. For data you will probably lose all the sharing information (you just get the plain data).

You should look at TheGood.Cloud or Tab.Digital - AFAIK these are the only two hosts that are considered “Nextcloud Partners” - which my understanding is they actually pay for Nextcloud support (I think?) - Regardless; thegoodcloud will probably give you a response to your questions about data portability. They do offer managed VPS I believe.

There’s also https://collective.tools/ - which does managed VPS hosting but I find them to be a bit expensive for my budget.