Helping with to add a App to Nextcloud: Photopea

Hi There,

i have open a Issue tread at Github Photopea

This Webapp is a Photo editing app and i bet, could be
really “simple” (i know, not really simple but for whom have the knowledge)
to make a app for Nextcloud to have a really pretty well Photoediting app in Nextcloud.
could anyone maybe help there to make a branch and include this as app in Nextcloud ?
i guess, would a perfect thing for Nextcloud to have a possibility to editing Pictures in Nextcloud with this app :slight_smile:

best regards

It’s not fully open source, so you can’t just take their code to create an app. You could try to create an app that uses their API to edit your photos, or on their side implement a link to Nextcloud (like they have for gdrive and others).

Can you host photopea yourself? Nextcloud is for self-hosting your data, for that reason it might be a bit difficult to send your pictures to some external service for editing.

No one is stopping you. It’s always easy to suggest what others could do.

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@tflidd i have also see to be the code no more in public now… but to late… it was unter gpl and now no more… pffhh… well, if anyone want help, can he do and speak with the codeowner, if no, helps also not if give unhelped informations… so… so, what can i say… nothing anymore… if anyone want make it (would be a good app) would be cool to have in nextcloud some app…


The owner gave you all excellent information. And, this dev was genuinely understanding. Please do not mischaracterize the person just because they did not immediately know about Nextcloud.

  • add external sites app and use an iframe as recommended by the dev.
  • this is not selfhosted and clearly never will be.
  • you can add new storage locations on the left side of that web app, which include Dropbox, etc.
  • Anyone interested in webdav can submit a pull request for adding storage types to Photopea. Dev says all the info is there if you wish to make webdav support happen.

On the dev… that person seems awesome. And does now understand what Nextcloud is. So sending them long, rambling posts does nothing… and likely annoys them. I hope this helps clarify your options a bit.

this answer helps not, because i want my pictures on a save space and not copyed from others…
aand you personally info helps also not, the owner have it already close the issue…

And, Nextcloud is there for have things private and not use external pages on external, foreign server,
thank you for you comment, i guess anybody show… no, i say now nothing about your post…
so, thank you for you answer… (you should ask you self for what Nextcloud is… Sir ! )
external page/app on a foreign server… pffhh…

and … dropbox… dropbox… really !!! oh man… i have a selfhosted Nextcloud… and build by self themes for Nextcloud… at moment 22.x Theme who use directly about config.php

thank you for your comment… i think my things …tztz…

Yes, and it has never been open source and it is not intended to be open source any time soon:

Yes it would be great to have something like photopea but open source that you can self-host with Nextcloud.

I don’t know if it is always so great to have everything in browser-compatible editors, but for images/graphics there are a great open source tools as normal desktop applications. So you don’t need to trust anyone else.

I made this plugin, hope it can help you, download in releases and unzip it to your apps/photopea folder


Cool! Does your app basically link you to the photopea website so you can use their webapp?

There are tons of web based open source apps for browsing, organizing and sharing your photos out there but very few editing apps. Matter of fact the only open source browser based image editing app I was able to find is MiniPaint: GitHub - viliusle/miniPaint: online image editor

There is no Nextcloud integration but you can use it directly from Everything happens locally in your browser and no data will be sent, according to this… GitHub - viliusle/miniPaint: online image editor

You can also build it yourself and run it on your own server if you don’t trust the devs.

The static files are all hosted locally, but the font files are not because they are too big.

If needed, you can also download all fonts locally, about 1.5GB

That is cool, but I do have a concern:

  • You didn’t ask the developer’s permission. This is that person’s closed code and according to the issue tracker self hosting is not allowed.

The author has stated their code is not open source, so my understanding is reuse might not be allowed without their express permission. Correct?

Self-hosted service but doesn’t provide public access, I don’t think this is against the author’s interests, in fact the files used by the plugin are from another old version of the mirror site, not, photopea adds too many web services, and I just need an image processing app that works offline.

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Hi Calvin,

first of all, thank you for try to make the plugin,

i have try to test it out, but it’ is not listet at the Nextcloud (22.2.5) :
Screen 00001

Screen 00000

It will not add a new icon in the navigation bar. After the plugin is installed, you can create a new PSD file from the New File menu. Click on the PSD file to edit it directly. I suggest you update the file to the latest and try again. I fixed some bugs today. I tested it for the latest version of fpm and docker.

hahh, that’s should someone also know :wink:

nope, works not, because i be behind a Fritzbox, the Nextcloud allow not foreingn Sides from other Servers with https, my server runs only https and the other server allow maybe not to open it in a foreign frame… or so… and open therewith the “app-files” again in a new window… :\ hmmm…
with a own Icon who you have strike out the “not an other Icon” if niiice to open it directly…
and by the way, works gimp xcf also, i guess, because Nextcloud open Source, should be in able .xcf, png then later .psd and raw, jpg and so on… so, by first creating maybe it’s better to have a .xcf as standard… the fonds, i guess, a small packages of standart-fonts like in Gimp, it’s enoug sofar to have the possible to use the “typing-tool” later it’s possible for download the picture and change the font and make finish the whole Picture at home in the Office or at the Computer at home, as example …
but i guess, the whole Web-Program with smaller as 50-200 Megabyte or maybe up to 500Megabyte download to have it real at the homeserver it’s okey to have it clean at run at home :))

i have make a psd and have double klick on it, but has open a new window (yes it has open a new Window :slight_smile: ) but it has get only the app-files again and not opened photopea with target file… unfortunately…
but i download today a new version if there a couples new lines of code into it… or could you make behind any changes a new zip-package automatically as “release” and move it automatically into the releasefolder with a autorelease-script… ? would be nice if something works like this… autogen all night a new release or a single click on the script , less work for the coder :slight_smile:
Tell here for a new release or new codeparts… to be in possible for have the info about the new codeparts… and test it out… (also the others who comes no info ;\ but it has tested out :wink: )

best :slight_smile: