Help with share permissions

Hi. I have just set up NextCloud by the FreeNAS plugin and I have set up external storage.
(And this is the first time I use NextCloud)

The external storage is named “nextcloud_data” and inside it has a folder named "Picture Sharing". It also has a folder named "Private"

This is my groups:

  • admin
  • friends

this is my users:

  • user1 (member of friends, admin)
  • user2 (member of friends)
  • user3 (member of friends)
  • user4 (member of friends)

This is what I want to acheve:

  • I want the /nextcloud_data/Private/ folder to just be accessible by users in the admin group
  • I want all users to have access to create folders (with files) inside the /nextcloud_data/Picture Sharing/ folder, but not delete anything (at least not other’s uploads).
  • When users upload to /nextcloud_data/Picture Sharing/ I want them to be able to set read permissions to just who they want.
    This can be user1(user) and user2(user). Or it can be friends(group).

Can anyone point me on how to do this? It should be like a picture sharing service between friends.

Not a good idea. In this structure are usernames and to data-dirs. You can perhaps use external data (function local) but that make no sense.
You can better share data as user admin (dir nextcloud_data/admin/files/Private) to group “admin”. or use a group folder (dir nextcloud_data/__groupfolders/1) But you must copy it over Nextcloud or perhaps with recan.

Share with group and set the correct rights. Could be possible.

A file sharing plattform like Nextcloud is desigend that users use their own directorys and rights. A global directory is not a good idea.

Is there any way I can make the users own directory’s be stored in my external_storage?

I think only if the nextcloud-dir ist on the external storage.