Help with Nextcloud Client on Windopws Server 2019

I have Nextcloud running on a ClearOS installation, all works fine. I have various desktops I use, one MacOS (Big Sur), a Windows Laptop, an Ubuntu desktop, all of which work fine, but I also have a Windows Server 2019 install that I use as a desktop install (that I like a lot by the way as I can configure it etc.). The point is that the Nextcloud client on that windows server install does not work, it crashes after it starts downloading the data in the server. This process works really well on every other computer I have tried to use, but it just will not work on the Windows Server.

Is there a setting I need to change for it to work ?? If someone can help me with this I would really appreciate it.




  • uninstall
  • reboot
  • clear out %LOCALAPPDATA%\NextCloud folder
  • install

i will try !!! thanks


but on except ??? :slight_smile:

HI, it did not work. It’s the same thing, it starts working some files are downloaded then the app crashes and closes. It is windows server 2019, could be a settings or permissions issue ??

Any help is welcome, I have Nextcloud working on Ubuntu, Windows 10 desktop, and Big Sur, but have been unable to make it work in the server distribution of Windows.



the local NextCloud folder is a “local disk”, not a network/mapped drive, right?

I fired up my Win2019 VM and had no problem syncing.

Hi sorry for the delay in answering, it just does not work for me, is there a log I can review so I can understand why it is crashing ??



Hi, I figured out what the problem was, Windows Server apparently had problems with my server’s certificate, as I cxhagned it and it started to work again.

Nevertheless I am having problems syncing .pdf, .dll, .jpg, etc. types of files, as apparently Windows Server will not let the Nextcloud client write them in the drive, or folder.

How can I change the settings so it is able to work properly, finally ?