Help with Next Cloud Setup on our Server

Is anyone willing to login to our nextcloud setup and dedicated server to help us get this tool setup, we really want to use it badly. Please send me a personal message!



First of all you should really avoid sharing your email over public forums. Secondly it is a big NO from security perspective to invite and give your server access to any stranger.

If you need help setting up things, it is better to ask for official support paid plan or choose a managed nextcloud host.



I absolutely agree with @NaXal - this is bad idea to share your contact details in public. and definitely not the best idea to let strangers access your system (and you might not understand what they do)…

Official Nextcloud paid support might be not available depending on the installation size… and finding reliable, trustworthy and skilled support could be a challenge. I would recommend look around in your area and try to locally find somebody you recognize “in person”. If this doesn’t work for you managed Nextcloud offering might be the best solution for your needs.

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Thanks for the concern, but it’s a email address and people share and use email everyday. Stop acting like it’s some encrypted information that should not be on the internet.

I’m looking to hire a developer, and or if there is a paid support? Then maybe you should direct me to the place to get help with that.

Also you should not tell me to let people in when i’m looking to hire a developer. Are you trying to take away work from software developers? I’d love to know. Yes I will admit I should have clarified I need a certain type of person and not some random person, but lets be for real most people on here are software developers.


@wwe and @naxal thanks.


this is primarily about support, but I suppose you can negotiate everything…

maybe you should clarify your requirements… usually you don’t need a developer to access your system to implement some new feature… usually somebody needs access to your instance for support reasons… maybe I don’t get your point but likely other don’t as well.

I think if you place detailed requirements and expectations here chances are higher you get suitable answer… usually devs don’t visit this forum as it is primarily about volunteer user support and not about new features (look at Github)

There’s probably someone at a local computer shop who could help you set it up in person. And I hope they take a deep breath and be careful not to irk you because wow.


There is a difference between work of a dev and a server admin (IT Tech).

If you have some already working software in your business and you want deeper integration or you want some specific feature which is not offered by NextCloud software, then you need to hire developers for making changes in the code or too stuff to the code to make that happen.

For deployment, running and maintenance, you are supposed to look for IT/Tech/Server Administration!!

Since you are using the word “we”, out of you all, anyone with some knowledge of installing stuff and like that? That person can easily play the role of that Server Admin

How to install, use and manage guides are plentiful. Specially with NextCloud snap, it’s literally Two commands (Copy/Paste) and you get a working nextcloud server. Everything is auto managed and updated.

So consider deploying it yourself or ask someone amongst you to take up this role.

For every step you get stuck, refer back here in this forum, people will help you out to get it done.


hey @Derossey

as I agree with @NaXal and @wwe about posting your email-address at an public forum (remember there are spiders crawling the net trying to gain emailaddresses to use them for everything, including sending spam to those)… they want just help you even with that suggestions

so as much as I agree with them I wanted to give you a hint of who you could address to asking for paid help. Why no asking @enoch85 about it… he’s a very valued member of the communmity and runs a small support-company. Soooo… I’m sure you’ll be getting great support with your problem and you can trust him for 100%.


of course NOT!