Help with ncdownloader or ocdownloader

I really don’t know how to use these apps.

I tried both of these and one of them says Aria2 not installed.

Where is Aria2 suppose to be installed ? On the nextcloud ?

I assume both require this and I don’t know which one I should use.

Please advise thanks

It appears that Aria2 is installed in your system like a regular program. What operating system are you running?

Here is a link to its docs:

Thanks for the reply.

Windows 10 is what I have for this initial trial.
I do have linux computers but only tried on Windows 10 so far.


Well, I think they make it for windows also. Not sure because I do not use it. But IMHO, If you just install it and then restart NC it will probably find it.

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Ok, let me make sure I correctly stated what I am using.

Nextcloud is on linux server, my OS for the extension is Windows 10.

So you think I should install the app then restart nextcloud and perhaps The extension should see it ?

Please confirm if that sounds right.

Well, If you are running the extension on windows 10 then I would install it there so the extension can find it I guess. Is windows 10 in a VM running on linux or on a separate computer?

The windows 10 is just desktop computer stand alone
VM is nextcloud on the server

Just says not installed

Screenshot (145)

I do believe it gets installed on the server that you are running NC on and your nc/oc downloader app.

Hmmm ok so I have to install Aria2 somehow on nextcloud.
But there is no Aria2 app on nextcloud so this would be a separate installation via terminal or something I guess.

No, Install Aria2 on the host operating system that nextcloud is running on. Then the downloader app will find it.

I am just going to assume that you are running Ubuntu. Now, I do not do flatpaks or anything like that. So, I am no up to speed on them. However, I see that Aria2 is in the repo for my install of Linux Mint which uses the same repos as ubuntu for its base install. So, You should be able to do just this:

sudo apt install aria2

ok I’ll give that a try. Yes I installed Ubuntu and nextcloud/snapd version 22. So I’ll try installing on the host and see if nextcloud sees it.

No change, still says not installed

I removed, and then installed the snap version since this is how I installed NC on Ubuntu and no change for either. snap version is called aria2c but no effect there either.

Although after it was installed I was not able to confirm if something needed to be running or how to command it to run or if it needed to be started somehow.

Additionally, I wonder can this download a playlist too ? Or only single files


Well, Like I said, I do not fool around with snaps or flatpacks. Im thinking it probably has to be installed inside the snap?? I have no idea on that. What I can say is that this would be a good time to visit the Ubuntu forums and see what they say.

I prefer just running a VM and not have the complications of these new things. But that is probably my age speaking. :wink:

Seems like NC should detect but probably something to do with permissions or the path. I do have the NC encrypted and accessing via https so I’ll ask in linux forums or ubuntu server perhaps.
I’ll post back once I find out.


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If you want to use youtube downloads with youtube-dl i can only recommend using yt-dlp instead, as it downloads with a lot higher speed (6MBps vs 50kbps). As ncdownloader is looking for the /usr/bin/youtube-dl binary, you have to symlink it:

python3 -m pip install -U yt-dlp
ln -s /usr/local/bin/yt-dlp /usr/bin/youtube-dl