Help with index.php

Hi everyone,
I just installed nextcloud on a raspberry pi. I’m totally new to this so I followed this:
Installation of nextcloud on pi
But in this procedure he request to create an empty index.php at the root of the web server. This seems to have caused the installation of nextcloud to bypass the creation of that file. So, now that I have configured everything and spent a few hours to make it work, I realised that this index.php on the html directory is still blank. Tring to login from a device or windows just produce a blank page. I tried to copy the index.php from the nextcloud directory to the html directory but this is not working either.

I’m wondering if someone with a similar setup could send me his index.php from the html directory so I can just copy it there.

Or… if there is an easy way to have nextcloud regenerate it without a reinstall that would be great too.


Try to reach it via <IP_ADDRESS>/nextcloud


If that doesn’t work, you could try removing the folder…

rm -R /var/www/html/nextcloud

and then unzip it again.

But to be honest. This guide lacks a lot when it comes to optimizing the setup for Nextcloud or literally any web app you plan to run productively. Instead it makes you install unnecessary stuff like PHPmyadmin :wink:

Thanks for responding. Yes that is working. This is using the index.php that is located in the nextcloud directory. But the application on the phone is trying to access the index.php that is located in the base directory, and this is where the file index.php is empty.

So trying
Is working, but
Doesn’t work. That’s why I wish someone could just send me the content of that file.

For the optimisation… yes I saw the problem but still working on that now.