🐞 Help us testing the refactored Notes Android app

Call for testing!

Hello everybody! In the past few months we have spent a lot of time to modernize the internal architecture of the Notes Android app. We were working hard to migrate our database to the (now not so) new Room library.
This refactoring wasn’t limited to the database though, but also resulted in rewriting large parts of the UI. Round about 7.000 lines of code have been changed.

At this point we’d like to ask for some help from the community to test the current state of this development branch before we push it to F-Droid and the Play Store beta channel.


In the perfect scenario you won’t notice any difference. No features have been added or removed, it is a purely internal refactoring.
You can test adding notes (via widget, shortcuts, tiles), moving them to different accounts, category handling, editing, synchronization behavior with multiple devices, sharing the content, …


You can install the (unsigned development build) of the latest state here: https://niedermann.it/notes-room/2021-04-20-01.apk
Please make sure to have a backup of your data. Since this is a untested state, there might be data loss in the worst case (though it shouldn’t happen - i am using it productively for my personal notes already). Ideally only use it with testing data.
The apk file can be installed safely parallel to the officially released version of the app.


You can report issues directly here or in our issue tracker

  • Make sure to note that this happened on the room refactoring branch and which file name your download had, because i will keep the link up to date
  • Make sure to test whether the issue also occurs on a released version. If yes, please report only in our issue tracker.
  • Describe problems as detailed as possible and tell us the steps you did, so we can reproduce and fix them.

Known issues / History

Stay safe and thanks for your help!