Help: Todo app for Windows and Linux


I have started to use NextCloud tasks as my personal ToDo list, however, I prefer to not be logged into the browser app all the time.

Does anyone here know if there is an app for Windows and Linux (does not have to be the same app) that can sync to NextCloud tasks? Preferably open-source of-course. :smiley:

PS. Please don’t suggest Thunderbird, I’m using Tutanota as my email provider and they don’t provide functionality to have a custom email client, and I don’t feel like installing Thunderbird to only have my tasks. :slight_smile:

well as this is not a nextcloud-issue i’d suggest to simply ask your local google/bing/etc-website…

i did that and found as a possible app. but i dunno if it would connect to youre nextcloud. so just try and tell us here, please.


I googled it but didn’t find anything, that was the reason I asked here. :slight_smile: Hoped someone else had looked for the same thing. Wunderlist, only supports syncing to it’s own service (+ is bought by Microsoft and will be cancelled soon in-favor of their own MS Todo).

anything? really? i’m surprised as there are hundreds of apps for such cases… just pick ony and try. and if won’t fit your purposes just de-install it and try the next one.

i know. but “cancelled soon” stucks with the app since years already. and it’s still not cancelled.

Nothing with CalDev support, the only one I found was Thunderbird.

linux: e.g.: todoman. opensource caldav todo-app.

go and try different searches.