Help to recover files

Need some help. Im a noob so… :-/

My nextcloudpi did a backup to second usb drive some nights ago. After it can not find The drive. The ncdata path does not exists.
I can not change it in webui.

How can I get those files back?
Im going to do a new setup using a new SD and a new usb hdd.

Byt I need The files back.

Only have win 10 PRO.


Some more info.

I do have backup on second usb drive but The interface does not see them. Followed The guide.

After The backup nc does not find my data on usb disc. Resetting path to my cloud drive, says does not exists. Trying to set USBdrive. Error. Does not exists.

Using ssh i can see drive bus what is The right mount in nc?

Soes not find any backups.

Nc does not update anymore.

Question. Can I make a new ncp with same users and mount The old data disk as external to use samba to recover my files?

Can I read The drive in Windows 10?

Hi again. NO answer so. Trying my self.
Have setup a new ncp, same hardware but NO drive, trying to mount my backup drive and only got The messages that there is NO extern drive configure or I do not have permission to config.

Im user ncp.

Please help.

How can I recover my files from The drive or The backup?

Now it works.

Can I batch download all files on disk using Web interface?