Help testing the Nextcloud 9, 10 and 11 Release Candidates

We just released 9.0.58 RC1, 10.0.5RC2 as well as 11.0.3RC2. These release candidates do fix a lot of issues and add some small enhancements. To make sure everything works as expected in your environment, we’d greatly appreciate your help to test it. :slight_smile:

While we expect the release not to eat any data and be stable, the usual disclaimer is still valid: Make sure to have backups before updating!

Once you’ve done that you can download the release candidates, either use the URLs defined below to manually update or use the built-in updater and specify the “beta” channel.

9.0.58 RC1

[details=Changelog and download]



  • Replace unecessary unescaped prints with print (server/4226)


###10.0.5 RC2

Changelog and download




11.0.3 RC2

Changelog and download



  • Use the correct principal for shared addressbooks (server/3608)
  • Fix saving backup codes by using a correct data uri (server/3652)
  • Update icewind/streams to 0.5.2 (server/3293)
  • Fix string comparison and return docs (server/3665)
  • Typecast shared mount’s storage_id to int as documented + some refactor to avoid similar bugs (server/3658)
  • Use a proper date format for transfer ownership (server/3700)
  • DAV sharing permissions should not depend on the order (server/3722)
  • Add new user agent of windows 10 dav backend (server/3764)
  • Add back appstoreenabled config switch (server/3767)
  • Call right function after sudo mode (server/3820)
  • Dont allow empty wildcard search (server/3842)
  • Remove single quotes around search query like in user search (server/3849)
  • Fix mimetype detection on public uploads for the workflow engine (server/3765)
  • Fix branding and show Nextcloud (server/3969)
  • Fix reshare with user activity message (server/3981)
  • Create correct VCard and return correct error codes (server/4029)
  • Prevent migration from ownCloud 10 to Nextcloud 11 (server/3415)
  • Make sure transparency is an integer when saving a calendar (server/4167)
  • Make public links work with master key (server/4207)
  • Don’t try to render the avatars if avatars are disabled (server/4214)
  • Reduce error message text (server/4228)
  • Don’t list on public calendar endpoints (server/4229)
  • Fix upload of folders in Chrome (server/4154)
  • Make sure blob columns are correctly converted as parameters (server/4233)
  • Save the scope of an auth token in the session (server/4225)
  • Take share by mail into consideration if we calculate the access list (server/4242)
  • Also add the root of external storages to the file id list (server/4237)
  • Fix LDAP description (server/4238)
  • Remove the double password confirmation on changing cron (server/4236)
  • Fix scheduling plugin on legacy caldav endpoint (server/4235)
  • Directly fix invalid values of DTEND and DTSTART (server/4234)
  • Make JobList::next() lock free (server/4254)
  • Don’t remove owner property for public calendars (server/4272)
  • Add capabilities for share by mail (server/4251)
  • Dont use the permissions mask while scanning (server/4278)
  • Add missing maintenance plugin to new DAV endpoint (server/4290)
  • Fix bug with shared_by for own calendars if shared (server/4301)


  • Fix activities for “Files drop” on external storages (activity/118)




If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment here and file an issue at (or the appropriate repository of the component)

Thanks to all the awesome people that contributed in some way to this release! Be it with coding, translating, helping people, filing issues, etc.

Keep rocking :rocket:


11.0.2 -> 11.0.3 RC2 worked without issues, thanks :slight_smile: !

But Gallery for NC12 is finally not usable with NC11 anymore and stable11 still has no iPreview use and is therefore unusable for me. Is there any way to download an older version of master branch before “Merge JS” commits ~1 month ago? That one broke use with NC11.

€: Ah found it:

  • Choose commit beneath “Merge JS” in commit history of master branch.
  • There you can choose “browse repository at this point of commit history” or something like that.
  • Use zip download link of the opening code and replace apps/gallery with that one:
  • Works very well with NC11 and has iPreview use => acceptable loading time of gallery and pictures with slow hardware :slight_smile:.

Update succeded from 11.0.2 to 11.0.3RC2,

Apps disabled on upgrade, then everything seems fine, some files got updated on the client, but after installed.
No error appeared on the Logging sections, so it seems just fine :wink:
I’ll report if anything found.

same here … :slight_smile:

11.0.2 -> 11.0.3 RC2 worked without issues, thanks :slight_smile: !

Same here, did a “manual” update though, did not use the internal updater.

I was able to upgrade from 11.0.2 to 11.0.3 RC2 and use functionality without issues. Thanks!

Thanks for all the feedback already. We’ve built the potentially final packages which are either available via the updater channel or you can download it from one of the links below: