Help testing file upload in deck

I’ve just released a first beta of deck 0.4 that will bring the ability of file upload to deck.



  • Attach files to cards
  • Embed attachments into the card description
  • Color picker to use any color value for board and labels
  • Support for checkboxes inside the description


  • Improve frontend data management
  • Fix bug the user list being empty on some occasions

The prerelease can be downloaded from GitHub:

As always, testing is very welcome, please give it a try and report bugs you find. That way we can ensure that the release will be more awesome. :wink:


Looks good. Thanks for your work!

Tested the first beta and works as expected. Especially, I like the card-icons for attachments/subtasks and markdown-connectivity for attachments… Manipulating is intuitive. Colour picker works as well.

Looking forward to the 0.4.0 release. When can we expect it?