Help testing 14.0.1 RC 1

Hey there!

We just packaged the RC 1 of the maintenance release of 14.0.1

You can download them from the prerelease folder at:

Also it will show shortly up in the updater beta channel.

Happy testing :rocket:

The changelog of this version can be found here:

  • news
      • vendor/ezyang/htmlpurifier/maintenance/.htaccess

Code integrity check shows this warning

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The news app is not shipped, so this is not related to this release.
also since .htaccess is a hidden file, I guess you forgot to upload it, because your OS didnt show it by default.

The translation in user settings is still not complete.

  • show languages
  • show storage path

And the setting to enable/disable the welcom-mail is missing too.

Hi Joas,

There is a bug I acknowledge from a fresjh install.

If no email configuration exist, an error happen when creating a new user.

Thank you for your great work

Please create an issue in the bugtracker at

Right, I didn’t know this. Created a new issue now at Language not extracted correctly from vue files. · Issue #11303 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Long folder names break mobile layout - to wide:


404-Page for unshared link has no content:


I used the webupdater/beta channel. I too get an error of missing file in integrity check :


A new installation of the app has solved the problem for me. In my case it was the news app.

I did a disable / enable on the news app with no change.

Did upgrade via web from 13.0.6 to 14.0.1 RC1 -> everything worked out great. Have the same issue with the missing .htaccess in the news-app … Too, many apps wanted an update afterwards, but did wor well …

Great job folks!

REinstall of the news-app didn’t change anything …


I have a clean installation (non-productive) which I upgraded to 14.0.1RC1.

During the upgrade process I had to modify my config.php file to set the version to 14.0.0. as:


Delete the news app and then install it new. this helps in my case.