[Help] Sync of contacts between Outlook and Android


I need help to sync my contacts, since it seems a little big bugged. My goal is to sync my contacts between outlook, nextcloud and android in two-ways. At the moment the sync only works in one direction (outlook -> android).

Furthermore, I got a little bug when using the contacts app:
In the contacts area is no contact shown - only a symbol that contacts are loading (but nothing is happening). However, if i search for contacts in the right corner, I can partially see some of my contacts.

So far I connected my outlook to the contact app and on the other side android with the help of DAVdroid also to the contact app.
But I still have a different number of contacts on both sides. How can I fix this issue and sync in both ways?



Could Outlook CalDAV Synchronizer be helpful in your setup?

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Official article: https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-offers-caldav-synchronizer-for-outlook-users/

Also: closing as there are a lot of docs out there and similar topics :slight_smile: