Help - Setting up Netxcloud AIO on Ubuntu 20.04 Local Network

Hello Nextcloud-Community,
i am trying to setup Nextcloud AIO on my Ubuntu Server which is running in my private local network. I installes everything and started the docker container as described in the documentation. Then i opened the browser at https://localhost:8080 and the netxcloud setup interface is appering. After I entered the nextcloud password it redirects me to the next setup page. On this page it wants me to enter the domain for my nextcloud instance. I tried to use my local ip address or evene the name of my computer but it does not take these values. What should I enter here ? I dont have a domain since i am running everything just in my local network. Can someone help me how to get further with the setup? Please take a look at the picture I have uploaded.

Hi, see all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

It doesn’t want an IP address or machine name. It wants a domain.

Domains are cheap, so you should consider getting one. But you can also use a DDNS domain, or if it’s strictly LAN use, you can make one up, as long as you provide DNS service for it.