Help! RoundCube Webmail is not available

I can’t get into Roundcube WEbmail - I’m not a techy, I’m getting “database unavailable” message and no means of getting past it.

Anyone help me? In plain English please

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Does anyone know what is going on with the app? Roundcube Mail is not available for current Nextcloud versions. I thought that Nextcloud and Roundcube wanted to work together intensively. (info1, info2)

But perhaps SnappyMail is an alternative as the successor to Rainloop. Also you can use Nextcloud Mail.

I have absolutely no idea what you want me to add to this - I am not at all tecky and I really don’t know what your questions mean

I will look at this but I need to get to my Roundcube mailbox as I have important mail there!

I think Roundcoube is also an IMAP-client. I think the “important mail” is also direct on your mail server and you can use another IMAP-client.

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In some cases it helps just to restart the database. But as a first step, we need more information about the setup. Is this installed in combination with Nextcloud, just roundcube, is it a server or a webhosting package, was it working before, which version, …