Help restoring from backup

I am having difficulty restoring my ncp 1.53.2 instance from an nc-backup (including data), Please advise on what needs to be in place in order for a restore to complete successfully.

My situation is that my longtime external hdd failed, so I am restoring from a good backup (including data) .tar file that is about a month old.

Before running nc-restore, I re-built ncp by installing the downloaded 1.53.2 image, setting up the server, setting the datadir and database locations to the new HDD (SSD), enabling ssh, and installing a lets-encrypt certificate. However, I did not create the same nextcloud users, install the previous nextcloud apps, or perhaps other steps. I assumed that the restore would create the users apps and so on.

After running nc-restore, it appears that all the data is in place as expected, but the server does not start. The page served on port 443 reports Internal Server Error, and the administration interface at port 4443 shows gibberish.

If I run sudo ncp-config I see huge number of errors similar to:
tar: nextcloud: Cannot mkdir: No space left on device
despite that there is plenty of room on all of the filesystems (ie df -h shows that no filesystem %use greater than 64%

My assumption is that I somehow did not properly prepare the server before doing the restore.
Do I need to create all the nextcloud users?
Do I need to install all the apps that I was using?

Otherwise, what would be the steps necessary to restore an nc-backup file from one ncp instance to another.

Thanks for any help, and for a great project!

One other point to note is that in the logs I see a reference to automatic backups are enabled, but there would not be enough space on the system to store a full backup. Is it possible that the system is trying to do an automatic backup and failing?