[Help][Question] Import users from vcard

I was looking for a way to load 200 users to a nextcloud installation. They currently are in an excel file, or as contacts in Gmail. (please note that this nextcloud server is in a share hosting service, I can’t run shell commands).

Actually I’ve noticed that the Contact app has a wonderful import functionality that makes very easy to import contacts from, let’s say, a VCARD file generated by gmail.

I guess if there’s a way to “migrate” this contacts to users. I know they are two different kind of entities.

If not, is there any other way to accomplish this task? I’ve read about OCC commands but, as already stated, I can’t run OCC commands on a shared hosting server.


I don’t think such a mechanism is currently implemented.
Similar/same issue: Import Many Users

you might be able to do it with some shell-magic on your local box: create one contact in the nc-webif which has properties as close as possible to those you want to import. export it as vcard. save your excel-file as csv; maybe put in field delimiters your favorite shell prog can process easily and which are not in conflict with the future vcard-file. now you can use sed, grep, awk, tr, cut, (,) to transform the csv-file into the format the exported vcard shows you.
(i’m a shell guy, but it can probbaly be done much more elegant with perl or python)

FN:Full Name 

UID and REV can (probably) be left out.
it may take some time and intermediary files, but it’s probably easier than typing in all the contacts manually. (i once fixed a messed-up export from some other prog like this)

Good day to you,

The verslons of vcard’s seem to make it difficult to import export and synchronische between different equipment.

I have a Huawei Mate 9 running android 8.0 and a Samsung Tablet running Android 7.0. If I export the contacts to a vcard file they both indicate to work with Vcard 2.1. Those files do no import in the contacts app on NextCloud.

I also notice that the grouping with Vcard 2.1 and what happens on the contacts app from NextCloud do not get transferred. I went through my 230 contacts on the Huawei phone (Pfeeeewww) to group them into 6 groups but they do not apear in the contacts app of NextCloud. Then I grouped the contacts on the NextCloud App but now the group do not show up on both the Hawei phone nor the Samsung tablet…

Then I also notice pictures sometimes get lost during synchrobisation. Maybe this is because of the version differences of the Vcard versions on phone and tablet connected to NextCloud contacts app?

The Cardbook app for Thunderbird does not seem to have issues with nextcloud.

Maybe I see thing wrong but I am already struggeling with this for over 2 years with this.

Hope there is some solution.
Best regards, Cees

Woooooww, it is working flawlessly now! I tried another app being ContactSync from Annemarie Böhmer. It translates fantastic between vcard 2.1 and 3.0!. Now everything works fine, all details show up right on on my phone, tablet and Cardbook, I am so happy! (Maybe DavDroid should have done this also?)

I’ll close this since there are features requests for this on github already, thus this is a duplicate :slight_smile: