[Help][Question] Delete addressbook

Hi again

while trying to understand how Contacts work I created additional addressbooks with occ dav:create-addressbook. Later I found out that there was an implicit addressbook called “default” and that my clients only support using the default one.

I ended up creating a second user to sync my contacts, but

  1. is it possible to delete the superfluous addressbooks?
  2. is it possible to move all contacts from user2 back to user1?

You can remove this additional addressbooks inside your UI.
There you can move contacts between addressbooks for the same user.

For moving contacts between users you can share an addressbook with write permissions and move them inside UI.

This is true. With a lot of contacts in this addressbook it could result in quite some work though. Another solution would be to export the addressbook from user 1 and import it to user 2.

Thanks found it in the UI at last :wink:

I plan to look into your calcardbackup script later (for backup reasons), I suppose that’s part of the solution, otherwise one of my carddav client will probably do. Thanks.

While this is also possible with my script calcardbackup, it is actually not needed for that: you can download the addressbook also from the webinterface (click the gearwheel in the contacts app and then on the 3 dots next to the addressbook you want to download).