[Help] Point Photos to a specific folder


is it possible to point the photos app to a specific folder and only show photos from that folder (or multiple folders)? The way every other photo manage software in existence handles that. Putting “.nomedia” into every folder I do not want scanned is very cumbersome.


hey @Sonnenblume

just 8 hrs ago someone filed an issue about that and re-linked it to the forum. so you know… --> :mag_right:

Sorry, but that is not really the same thing. What I am asking for is that there is a way to specify one or multiple specific folders which are to be included. The way it works now is the other way around. You have to specify what is excluded. I cannot fathom why it is built this way.
Most people have their photos in one or two (or maybe three) folder with nested subfolders - hence why every single photo management software allows you to specify a specific folder(s) where it looks for images.
Right now I have to go through literally dozens of folders and put a .nomedia file in there to avoid junk showing up in the photos app. I don’t get it.

errr. you’re right… i misread and misunderstood that and i’m sorry for doing so.

but as you can see it still seems under construction somehow. so why not filing another issue about your point to github and see what would come out?

and pls if you decide to do so it would be nice to link the issue here.

Please continue here https://github.com/nextcloud/photos/issues/141