Help please for first installation

hi guys ,

some one can help me ? i’m a new nextcloud server user .
i’ve installed nextcloud with this guide :

i’ve made : Option 2: Setting Up SSL with a Self-Signed Certificate

but when i browse ,from a lan pc the website to my nextcloud Ip i have “untrusted domain”,addind to trust domain, i have an error …


that’s the errormessage you’ll get when using selfsigned certificates like you do.
you need to tell your browser to accept this certificate (and then it’s gonna be valid for 3 months, i think)

or do you mean your nextcloud tells you: untrusted domain?

I suggest to use letsencrypt/certbot to avoid these message. Because every self signed certificated will be detected by any browser and has to be acppected in the browser.

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I can support this. I have letsencrypt certificates on all my servers more than one year now, and never had SSL issues again. Works perfect. I use the getssl script to create and update my certificates:

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I think Certbot is a way easier :wink: :

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Thanks for the hint. getssl works fine for me, but I will give certbot a close look.

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