Help PhoneTrack installation

Good morning,
I just discovered the PhoneTrack app and would like to use it as my location history, like GMaps. I installed the PhoneTrack app for Android, I created the account on Nexcloud with Webo, now I can’t install the PhotoTrack app, i.e. I downloaded the pothotrack-0.7.2.tar.gz file but now I don’t know how to proceed. Can someone help me? Thank you

Is webo a shared hosting-service?

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I don’T know what webo is, but installing Phone Track on your Nextcloud from App Store an installing Phone Trak app on Android is at least all you need… Then set up a session in Phone track on your server. Log into your account on Android, hit the + button and select new phone track protocol. Then you can choose the session that you ste up before in your cloud.

Thank you. Since I didn’t know how to create my own server, I registered on the Webo provider, now I’m out but I don’t know how to “host my server”. I think it is necessary to go through here to set up a n Phonetrack session on the server, right?

The Phonetrack app inside your Nextcloud us needed. If Webo is a service that offers Nextcloud it may depend on them if the Phonetrack app is installed - and if not you’ll have to install it yourself from the store. But Store access within Nextcloud needs ad. In rights - so if your account is just set up as user you won’t be able to install the app. And without the app in your Nextcloud there’s no way to set up a session that can be accessed with the Phonetrack Android app.

And so how do I do it? where do I start? Inside Webo cloud Nexcloud there is the PhoneTrack entry, but if I click on it nothing opens. I downloaded the phonetrack-0.7.2.tar.gz file, but I don’t know how to install it. Thank you for the help you are giving me.

Sorry, hadd been some days…
If the PhoneTrack App is installed in your NC instance you don’t need to download the tar file. Just go into the phione track app (like you got to files, contacs and so on from the menu) and start a new session.
Then, in yout phone, start the Phone Track app, log into your account, tap the plus button and chose new phone track… The sessioj setup on your server should be shown, chose that and maybe adjust some settings of the protocoll session on the phone.