Help! personal calendar changed to personal-1, lost all events

For some reason, and I believe it can only be actions I’ve taken on Deck, which is related to calendar, my personal (main) calendar has changed to personal-1 and I’ve lost all events.

I still have an unconnected device (android) that hasn’t synced and still has all the events.

What’s my best path from here to recover? (I mean other than manually re-entering all events :slight_smile: )

If I somehow find a way to recreate/reactivate personal on the server instance, will it still delete all existing events on device that will sync after that?
Is there a way to recover the original personal ?

before you do anything, if your android device still has all of the entries, then in your calendar options, export those to .ics files… and keep in a safe place.

you can then potentially recreate the calendar & import the .ics files.

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thanks for the reminder, I struggled a bit to find a way to export, but then realized a Thunderbird instance still had the calendar events and supported export.
Imported successfully afterwards.

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