Help out - vote for Nextcloud!


Help us - vote for Nextcloud!

:+1: Nextcloud on in these places:

And we’d love a review on Capterra or on G2Crowd!

Thank you for your votes, your support makes us happy!



Voted :wink: :slight_smile: Maybe this time first place :wink:


Not “maybe” - 1st place for sure! :smiley:



Votet, too - but a really strange questionaire… anybody knowing, what 1) was supposed to be? :wink:


I have no clue either! Just voted, very weird indeed…


I entered “Nextcloud” for 1) :smiley:
Was probably open text for the thing you love most and dream about every night :smiley: :wink:

Anyway: voted! :heart_eyes:


Nextcloud it’s the best :blush:



Voted. I put in “GnuBee” for the NAS-category.


@jospoortvliet is there an English version of StorageInsider I’d gladly vote for you if I understood what I click :slight_smile:



Sorry, not really. You can of course click all nextcloud logo’s you see (just one) or try google translate - otherwise, though, you have to leave it to the Germans to defend our honor!



So you made it to second place this year. Congratulations!