Help needed with background image during login and logo of navigation bar without theming app

Hello, I have trouble changing the background image of the login page and the logo of navigation bar. I want to use my own custom theme, so I disabled the theming app. I am able to customize the favicon, main logo, the default colors, and navigation bar icons but I am stuck on these other two.

The documentation does not mention where I can insert my own image or either of these logos. I tried placing it in my custom background in /nextcloud/core/img and /nextcloud/themes/mytheme/core/img/ as background.jpg but it doesn’t show up. As for the logo on the left of the navigation bar, I have no idea if there is a way to customize it for a theme?

Can I get some help with where in the folders I should edit?

Thank you very much!

That’s because it’s not really supported and it will most likely get overwritten during upgrades and I also think they don’t want to support extensive theming options.

But why? Afaik the theming app does support all the things you want to change, or did I miss something? Not sure why you have trouble to change the background image or icon though. Maybe it is too large (resolution, file size) or in the wrong format?

Hi, thank you for the reply!

The reason I don’t use the theming app is because I want to change the icons of individual categories and default colors mentioned in the documentation like color warning and color loading. I am also planning to try to change the layout of the theme, like shifting the icons around, from Files/Photos/Activity to Files/Activity/Photos, things like that. The theming app is only able to customize the basic features and I wan to go in detail. This is why I followed the documentation to create a custom theme in the files and disabled the theming app as said in the documentation.

From the theming app, I see that the login image and the header logo can be individually changed, so I know it is possible. I just do not know where in the files I have to edit. For the login image, I replaced with one that works for the theming app as mentioned in the post, but nothing changed. I tried with .png and .jpg. As for the header/ navigation logo, I am clueless on how to access it.

Again, thank you for the help.

I am able to change the navigation bar logo by editing the server.css in /themes/mytheme/core/css/server.css, but I am still lost on the login background image. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.