Help needed to automatic tags on mail-attachments


I’m struggling with the files-automatedtagging feature, the documentation is quite minimalist.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: I want files in any users mail-attachments folders to be deleted after N days (N being a real number, let’s say 15 for example).

To do this, I need to setup a global/system wide automated invisible tag so that any files created in a mail-attachments folder would automatically be tagged with an existing invisible tag named “N days retention”.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far with the automatedtagging feature, unsuccessfully:

When File is changed
and Filename is /.+\/mail-attachments\/.+$/i → Automated tagging: “N days retention”

Note that whether it is “is” or “matches”, none of these two options is working. tells me the regex syntax is correct, that’s for instance Personal/mail-attachments/dummy.txt matches the expression.

But files created in mail-attachments users folders are never tagged with the “N days retention” tag. So they won’t be deleted N days after creation.

What’s wrong? What did I miss (from such a minimalist documentation)?

NC 24.0.5
AutomatedTagging 1.14.0