Help my mail account is flooded

Nextcloud Hub 5 (27.0.2)
Apache2 Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3

I get an email every 5 minutes with the subject "Cron -f /var/www/html/nextcloud/cron.php "from my server with the content "/bin/sh: 0: Illegal option - "what can it be???

Is that a serious question?

Because it is exactly what you describe; an email notifying that there was an error message when executing a cron job that is probably executed every 5 minutes - so it also sends the message every 5 minutes.

So you should check your cronjobs.

Hope that helps,
much luck!

The problem is in the back-end the message appears "The last job ran 8 hours ago. Something seems to be wrong. "I added the cron order as described in the forum “*/5 * * * * php -f /var/www/nextcloud/cron.php” into the crontab. The background job is set to cron. error message is "/bin /sh: 0: Illegal option - "What can I do? I’ve now deleted the cron job, but that’s not the point of the exercise

that is not a source for me, there are plenty of crontabs, they have all to be handled different. How did you add it exactly. What crontab?

Is it in the crontab owned by your webserver-user (ww-data)?
Did you run the command…

php -f /var/www/nextcloud/cron.php

from terminal exactly the same as in the crontab?

much luck!

that was it with www-data, now it works

You are welcome :pray: