[Help] Multiple address books contacts organization

I have some troubles and I am new to nextcloud , if I ‘combine’ two contact lists (address books) in the main app. Because there is no single address book display, everything is mixed in the contact app and single downloading or editing of one single book is not possible, same with changing groups.

  1. Is it better to define two users, each have their own calendar and contacts
    …just to have a proper separation?
    Maybe its a dumb question, but I have not found a proper way to differentiate between to address books.


I don’t really understand what you are trying to do.
Could you elaborate?

You would like to only edit contacts from one address book at a time?

By default the contact apps uses the category of a contact for sorting purposes. If you want to edit only one address book, you need to temporarily disable the other one by clicking on Settings (lower left corner), select the address book you want to disable, click on the three-dots menu and choose “disable”.

Ok, thanks for the hint.
I have defined to different users with their different contacs. It is easier to maintain.

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