[Help] How to only show my photos

Hello all,

I am have just finished installing and setting up nextcloud and so far I love it. I will store my work files, photos, and upload the photos from my mobile phone to the new server. I have however ran into a small issue. I started to upload (via webdav) a folder which is used by a bibliography software I use, called Zotero. The app doesn’t matter, the problem I have is that the subfolders contain some images besides pdf files and these images show up in the Photos section in NextCloud. I am sure that as I upload more of my folders, more various pictures will be added.

My question is: is there a way that in the photos sections will appear only the pictures I want? I have a folder with the photos I take with my camera and the pictures and videos I upload from my phone with the nextcloud app.

In any case this is a great app and I am looking forward to discovering more of its features!


I found that adding a -hidden- file with name “.noimage” into a folder will prevent images from that folder to appear (and with it prevent the folder from appearing as album).
No sure if that works recursively on subdirs though.

@thampp thank you for your reply. I have added the .noimage file, in fact I have also added .nomedia file too (from your answer I did some searching and found that too). However, the unwanted images are still presente in Photos. Is there a way to remove them from there? I do not want to upload more directories (especially my main images) because I will end up with a mess. I read a discussion between developers that this issue was solved but I couldn’t understand what the solution was.

@thampp ok so I did something dramatic. I deleted the uploaded dir. I created a new dir on the nextcloud server containing the two hidden files and then reuploaded in the newly created dir. Same result. I get a lot of pictures in the Photos gallery. This is a very weird behavior. Is there something like a hidden switch I can toggle and tell nextcloud that I do not what to see pics from this dir, even if there are pics there?

@luciandf sorry that the .noimage did not work for you. It does not seem to be reliable. I now also have one directory where adding a .noimage did not help. But it does help in my other directory. The only difference I can see is that one is a group share folder and the other is a private folder. But who knows.
I got the impression from other forum entries that the whole Photo app was released in a very early state. So I hope that future updates will have some fixes.

no worries, I’ll wait. I am quite invested now with nextcloud… I made an entire setup for it after reading all the reviews and comments about how great it is. Funny how all the not so great features are not quite so talked about unless you stumble on to them. Apart from the Photo app gallery issue (which I could live without) there is the really annoying android app that refuses to autoupload anything to the server and this is quite bad because I was hoping to use that on mine and my wife’s phone to backup all the picture to the server.
I am really hoping that more updates will follow soon…