[Help] Hide or remove unnecessary fields

I can add fields I think are missing, but have not found any means of removing or hiding fields I do not need. They are not present in the imported vcard file. Have I missed something? Or is this a wish for the future?

Hello @rollanders, you mean you have contacts with properties you do not want?
If so there is a delete icon on the property (move your mouse hover it).


Sorry. That does not work.
For the name I have Prefix, First name, Middlename, Family name, and suffix. There is no possibility to remove Prefix, Middlename and suffix. I can only remove all five alternatives.

Okay, I get it now :slight_smile:
You cannot remove those properties, as they’re part of a set. This is the detailed name property and it includes all the properties you’re seeing. If you only want to use the displayname, you can use the input in the contact header and delete the whole detailed name set :wink:

If I delete the detailed name I cannot sort on family name or firstname. I s it possible to hide the detailed name set? Or can I remove them from CSS?

Closing, duplicate of https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues/1101