[Help] Davdroid not finding contact but works fine with cal

new to nextcloud, i wish to sync the Contacts with my Android Samsung.
Davdroid works fine and finds the Calendar - also synch. is no Problem
but it wan’t find the contacts.
any suggestion where to look to solve this problem?
have a nice day

Double check your contacts link.

thanks for your fast feedback.
where to check? on the phone or on nextclound? confused
Davdroid should show after connection not only the CalDav but also the Contact Books too, so do i believe.

have a nice day

Hi Vinc, on Nextcloud. Go to Contacts, Settings, click on three dots…, copy link, which goes to clipboard. Open in text editor, make sure that string is the same in DavDroid.

this instruction i followed,
For URL, type https://www.yournextcloud.com/remote.php/dav
like this it lists the Calender to select but not the contact

and i would not know how to add the contacts by “hand” into DAVdroid

Is the string the same?

yes this part is the same but like on the callender there is also more information behind, which on the calender part is listed and not on the contacts.
have a nice day

I would delete your DavDroid settings and start afresh.

Hello, any news?

sorry for the delay and feedback.
yes to remove the Programm and reinstall and resync it did work fine this time.
i don’t know why not the first time ;-(
have a nice day

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